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Mayberry Squad Car T-shirt
Mayberry Sheriffs Squad Car  T-shirt -  $15.00:
The Motor Inn has a replica of Andy and Barney's squad car sitting right out side the office door. These t-shirts and sweatshirts are great and Miss Alma hand paints the red light and the star on the door. A must have!

Mayberry Sheriffs Squad Car  Sweatshirt -  $19.00:
Mayberry Squad Car Sweatshirt

Mayberry Motor Inn potholder

Mayberry Motor Inn potholder
Plastic Cup
Mayberry Motor Inn Potholder -  $5.00:
Handle hot pots and pans just like Aunt Bee with potholders from the Motor Inn.

Mayberry Sheriffs Squad Car Travel Mug -  $8.00: 
Stainless steel outer shell, thermal plastic insulation liner, and a plastic lid with spill prevention slide lock.

Mayberry Sheriffs Squad Car Plastic Cup -  $7.00: 
SDrink to your health with our Mayberry Squad car mug.

Mayberry Squad Car Sweatshirt
Travel Mug

Mayberry 101Mayberry 101: Behind the Scenes of a TV Classic - $16.95
Covers 79 episodes with wonderful behind the scenes information taken directly from the cast and crew of The Andy Griffith Show.

I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry CD by Rodney DillardI Wish Life Was Like Mayberry CD by Rodney Dillard - $10.00
Features Rodney Dillard singing lots of favorite Darlings tunes from "The Andy Griffith Show."

Best Of MayberryThe Best of Mayberry Cookbook - $19.00
Visit Andy Griffith's hometown of Mt. Airy, NC through photos and stories telling the history and charm of Mayberry. Home economist and author Betty Conley Lyerly brings Mayberry right to your dinner table.

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